My DJ Services

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My DJ Services

spinningI play any and all styles of music, but my main talent lies in constructing themes, atmospheres and musical settings. I think of it as 'Holistic DJing'; everything is interconnected and each song affects the other ones played during the set.

I don't just fit random songs into a 'theme'; they have to feel right, too. I strive to make each mix or set interconnected. You could see it as a kind of musical collage or jigsaw.

A close analogy for what I do is film soundtrack compilation (for example: Natural Born Killers, Tarantino films, Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, etc.) Another (old school) way of looking at it is a live mixtape or cassette compilation,

I can construct themes and atmosphere around any idea, concept or theme. I can construct sets without vocals, for relaxation, for particular age groups (children to pensioners), and even for dancing! (That is, I can do 'normal' DJing as well).

Please see my mixes and sets page for a few examples of what I can produce.

Here are some further ideas/settings:

  • A Cowboys and Indians party, with every song about, or relating to Cowboys and Indians.
  • An Oriental, Indian and British music set for a community festival.
  • A night of nothing but Scottish music - but without bagpipes or folk (or only with, depending on your taste).
  • At a festival, a set played between two different musical acts (say, Lady Gaga and Dimmu Borgir) that makes a connection between the two and keeps the crowd interested.
  • A film or theatre piece that requires a particular mood to be sustained, using pre-recorded music.

I can provide lights, speakers and more for small to medium venues. I have a very large library of mp3s and professional DJ equipment (not just a laptop). But I can also be mobile enough to take a basic setup (laptop, hardrives, DJ controllers, leads) on bus or a bike, and so can provide a very environmentally friendly option as well. 



Music Consultancy

I can also provide a musical consultancy for organisations, individuals and businesses, advising what would work well in certain situations, and buying music on their behalf in order to play, say, in a shop or at events. As I am interested and involved in the Creative Commons, free and legal music sharing communities, I can also find legal music for free from artists who are happy for their work to be freely distrubuted and played. (But of course you'd need to pay me for my service!)

Interested? Please get in touch.


Further Information

I differ from many 'normal' DJs in several ways. 


Firstly, I am not dance-music based. I love electronic dance music, but I am not a 'house' DJ or a 'drum n bass' DJ. So, I don't provide sets of perfectly beat-matched music sticking to a few styles of dance music; other DJs are far better at that than I am, and I am not going to attempt to encroach on their territory. I can beat-match, but that is not where my talents lie.

I am more interested in crossing boundaries than sticking to them, so I do not spend months practising with one style of music; I spend months (years) working out what songs go together based on lyrical content, the types of musician, the mood of the song - anything that will work to create a certain theme or atmosphere. It may seem perverse, but I do it  because I enjoy it!

I am eclectic, but not random; I still strive for continuity and don't want to break the spell of a good set with an out of place tune. In another sense, I create a musical collages or jigsaws.

Secondly, I celtic knotdon't use vinyl turntables. I have nothing against them - in fact, I'd love a pair of Technics decks - but my music collection was digitised years ago, and I don't have room for vinyl any more! This simply means that I am more mobile and able to carry a lot of music around with me.

For a digital DJ, I am in a minority: I don't use Microsoft Windows or an Apple Mac. I use Ubuntu Linux (running the Mixxx program) and the internal software of the Numark DDS80. So I don't use Traktor or Abelton or any of those other programs that DJs often use. Again, I don't have anything against those programs (or those DJs!) - but I prefer to use community-based, open source software wherever possible, and I try to give back to that community any way I can. I like the way Linux and the open-source community echoes the connections and possibilities that are presented with music.

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